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September 28, 2022

J J Hardy & Sons has worked with the international high-speed rail operator Eurostar for over 30 years.

Connecting the United Kington to France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the service is operated by 11 Class 373/1 trainsets, each with 18 coaches and 17 Class 374 trainsets.

Most recently, an e-mail was received from a procurement executive at Eurostar to enquire whether J J Hardy could help refurbish a series of Dog Bone Links for its train stock.

The team worked closely with the client to re-engineer the supply of the safety-critical Items and ensure they met the most stringent of industry standards.

A fun fact from J J the Engineer… “Did you know in the late 1980’s we machined and supplied Rail Wagon Axles used in the actual construction of the Euro Tunnel?”